Storm Damage

Storm-Damaged Roof: Wind, Hail, and Rain

Storm Damage

Weather-related emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can’t be avoided. Immediate action after a weather event will limit storm damage repairs and minimize consequential damage caused by exposure to the element. Whether you’re dealing with damages from a harsh, cold winter, a hot and stormy summer, wind damage to a roof and more, roof damages are (most of the time) Inevitable. The good news is that our expert storm damage repair team has seen it all!. If you think your roof has been damaged due to inclement weather but you’re unsure if it needs a complete repair,

If your roof was damaged by a storm, call us for immediate, appropriate assistance.
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Emergency Roofing Repair and Restoration

We are fully staffed to handle all the details of your recovery including:

Storm Damage Repair Checklist

Do not attempt to execute the storm checklist outdoors until dangerous weather has left the area.

  • Immediately ensure that your belongings are protected from leaking water inside the home. Move appliances, furniture and other important items that may get damaged.
  • Walk around the exterior of your home to check for roofing damage and sources of any leaks.
  • Walk around the interior of the home to check for leaks or other home damage indicators.

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